by Meet Me @ The Altar

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Always blinded by my heart
It's been telling me that things will be okay
But in the end we're broken people
In broken places
Holding broken picture frames of forgotten faces
My abhorrence for the way things are
Has made me crawl right back into the dark
I'm so aware and I wish I wasn't
Full of despair and I wish I wasn't
If the world was to end right now, would you stay with me?

So can I hold you one last time
I don't know if we'll make it out alive
And yeah I promise that I will be fine
But you know that it is just a lie
We cannot be forgiven
We cannot be forgiven
It isn't just the ending we dread
We hope and we pretend
That we could somehow forget
That the hole we've been digging is our bed

The hypocrisy of society has undoubtedly made everything feel worse
It's not like we don't know everyone's hurting
We all share the same pain, same scars, same burdens
I'm going numb
It's out of my hands
Can you please make me feel like I have a chance
To do some good
While I'm still here breathing
I bet I could if I was still breathing
But the world is ending right now, will you stay with me?

It's getting harder everyday
To see the dismay on your face,
All the words your actions can't portray,
And your fears held in that grave you made
This is not the life that I desire
It's all burning, who started the fire?
The ash is filling up my lungs, is this really what I have become?
Peace be with me now
I'll lay my head 6 feet below the ground
This was never for me
Or for anyone


released December 31, 2016



all rights reserved


Meet Me @ The Altar

Meet Me @ The Altar is a two piece all girl pop punk band, consisting of guitarist/bassist/singer Téa Campbell (16, Florida) and drummer Ada Juarez (18, New Jersey).

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